Tips to restore a log home

Do you want to restore your old log home? If your answer is yes, then here is some help for you. You can first remove the debris and dust from the surface of the log with stiff bristled broom. Make sure that the foundation and the places under the eves are also cleaned properly. Use a pressure hose to wash the logs. However, remember to keep the pressure low always. Too much of pressure might strip off the sealant. After washing allow the logs to dry.

Make sure that you treat the logs with preservatives. If needed, you should re-stain the logs. Resealing might also be required. Try to get in touch with a professional who will give you ideas about the products that you can use on the logs. There are many products that can treat weathered wood or lighten grey. You should also get products that will protect the logs from insect damage and the effect of moisture.