Learn how to build stairs for your shed

Are you on a plan to construct your shed stairs? Well, the materials necessary here are 2 by 4 wood, paper sheet, masking tape, two 12 ft wood for the stringers, 3 inches of nails, joist hangers, 2 inches x 6 inches of boards.

Use framing square for laying out your stairs and masking tape for marking the long edge at eleven” and short side with 7.25”. Place the lengthier part of square at the fag end of 12ft wood as well as align those tape markings facing at you and mark the portions on board using pencil.

Slide your frame to the upper mark for marking again and continue till the wood end. Get circular saw for cutting along marks and stop at corner marks. Finish the cutting using handsaw. Try stringer to ensure measurements are proper and if so use that as the guide for cutting others. If finished cutting, attach to deck with your joist hangers. Use 3 inches of nails with hammer to fix the 2” by 6” of boards in the position beginning from the bottom.

Dormer roof conversions

Dormer roof transformation is getting highly popular today. This is basically done to gain some additional space for the home upward when outward extension is not possible. Earlier there were only the dormer windows with little window openings built up in attic. But these days the dormer windows are made wider resulting in dormer roof transformation.

The process is much cheaper compared to outward extension and more economical as it not only saves money but also utilizes your unused roof portion. The dormer roof transformation is chiefly opted by bungalow owners as it can enhance and even double up the living space of the bungalow, provided done sensibly. Terrace houses too go for dormer roof transformation these days as these properties can mostly afford to extend upwards and have a limited scope with outward extension.

The dormer roof transformation not only increases your home space but would also enhance your property value to great extent which is a great benefit in case you ever plan to sell your house off.

All about septic tank installations

Installation of a septic tank is quite a necessary and serious process and should be done by a professional only following the EPA guidelines. It’s to ensure that no contamination takes place with the local community water as sewage infected water is the cause of many fatal diseases.

Concrete tanks are the most preferred ones for septic tank installation but at times plastic options are taken too. The septic tank installed needs to be strong and durable enough so that it can last for minimum twenty years.
Then, the septic tank has to be installed keeping a distance from your house and away from the drinking water sources. Besides, there must be an absorption field near the septic tank where waste would be filtered through soil. The size of the absorption field would be in proportion with the tank size. After the installation is over, ensure everything is proper by a good building inspector.

Learn how to choose the best siding contractor

Are you on the lookout for the best siding contractor? Nothing to worry as the write-up here is all about to enlighten you on how to select the most professional and trustworthy siding contractor. Firstly, search around for referrals on siding contractors. Ask your acquaintances or browse online to study the contractors’ websites.

The best siding contractor should always be a licensed and certified one with a great reputation in the market. He will feature a good number of client compliments on his website or else you can check his reputation from BBA or Yellow Pages.

The most credible and efficient siding contractor should always be well versed in state of the art equipments and have everything finalized in legal papers. He should also be affordable with no hidden charges. Besides, a responsible siding contractor must promise of liability insurance his workers damage any portion of your property on-job.

Learn how to frame a house

Planning to frame a house lately? Well, here are some tips to help you in the framing process. Firstly, you have to arrange a proper framing kit. The framing kit would comprise of braced and pre-fabricated stud frames, ribbon plate wood, plate ties, bracing ply, strap nails, plate ties, nuts, washers and threaded rod.

Now, use the nail blocks over floor edge for pushing up your frame. Then, draw a chalk stick to guide the exterior frame edges. Plumb your corner frames primarily and then re-brace. Ensure that the frames are straight and plumb using string line and straightedge. Plumb the upper plates and brace as well as strap nail prior to nailing on the ribbon plates.

The rooms have to be square, especially the wet areas. Make sure that all the joints are properly nailed and all the wall connections too are strap nailed. Finally, tighten the anchor bolts and check that your bracing is done from the ribbon plate –bearer on every frame.

Tips for laying concrete

Laying the concrete is an easy job but you have to make sure you do it up carefully as any mistake while laying would be difficult to cover up after the job is done. Here are some tips to help in putting the concrete layer.

Firstly, never put a new concrete layer over the old one as it would lead to cracks. Thus, always break up your old layer before starting with the new. Then, do not compromise on the gravel and sand quality and make sure to get clean and fresh products from an eminent source. Again, you have to be careful with the water mix as too much of water would weaken the concrete. However, it shouldn’t be too dry too.

Then, don’t mix the concrete on ground and rather use a polythene sheeting or plywood and check that your surface is even or level. Lastly, don’t get a too smooth finish as it can be slippery and hence go for a light ridged finish with your broom across your concrete surface in the last step.

Tips to install iron railings

Iron railings are always considered to be elegant and classy. They bring a minimalist look to your home while retaining the stylish feel. In case you are planning for installation of iron railings along your stairs, here are some essential tips to help you in the installation process.

The things needed here would be iron railings, mounting screws, screw gun and lever. Now, let’s start off. Firstly, position the iron railing along your stairs in its approximate installing locations. Now hold the railings firmly and screw them at the bottom to your bottom step using the screw gun. Then, fasten all the other posts in a similar manner with all your steps.

Hold your level taking it parallel to top post situated against the level lengthwise. Then, move it right to left before it finally comes to the indicated level and hold it that way against porch post. Finally, insert your mounting screws via mounting holes on upper railing post inside your porch post and fasten them with a screw gun.

Choice of wood for roof sheathing

A variety of woods are recommended for roof sheathing and here is a small discussion on these. The first option is definitely the plywood. Plywood sheathing is mostly desired because of its quick installation and solid base provisions. Besides, the plywood option is sturdy and smooth. The cheapest quality would have missing knots and cracks while the best would have no knots.

Roof sheathing is also done with solid lumber like spruce, hemlock or fir. These are especially for the roofs with asphalt shingles, clay or wood finishing and provide for additional stability on flat roofs. You can lay them either horizontally or diagonally. If you are laying it horizontally, spacing is not required always.

Another option is OSB or Oriental Strand Board which is composed of small wood pieces in crisscrossing pattern sealed with aqua-resistant glue. The OSB sheathing can be placed interchangeably with the plywood and is especially preferred for being slip-resistant and less expensive.

Tips to beautify your driveways

Do you wish to flaunt a stylish driveway this winter? It might be that are having a good bunch of guests on the Christmas Eve or for the New Year bash; well, whatever it is it’s a must that your driveway looks beautiful as this is from where your guests would be entering your house first. Here are some tips on beautifying your driveway.

Firstly, make sure that your driveway is properly paved by a good professional paving contractor. If not, don’t delay in getting it done. Then, look for the decoration. Planters would match nicely with long driveways and thus add a few planters on the sides.

The other décor accessories for a beautiful driveway are garden statues. If you find that too expensive, opt for the garden gnomes. They look cute, funny and really adorable. However, take care that you are not jumbling up the sides with too many accessories and leave sufficient space between each of the pieces you add. Lastly, get some exterior pendant lights to brighten up your driveway.

Tips to design your dream home

Almost all of us have a vision of our dream home but not all of us are fortunate enough to turn it into reality. In case you are that lucky here are some tips to design your dream home. Hope you would find these helpful.

Firstly, research is an important key here. You will find plenty of magazines, articles and pictures that would surely enrich and assist to finalize the design of your dream home. Study them as these can present you with a clear idea on your home theme, lighting, molding and everything needed to make your home all the more special.

It’s necessary to consider both the exterior and interior details of your home. Plan up in advance about the needed storage area and amount of space distribution for each of your rooms, living, study, drawing and the bedroom. After all is settled, it’s time to contact with a good architect and interior decorator that will help in the realization of your cherished dream home.

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