Build or renovate: what to go for

build your house, renovate houseAre you bored and unfulfilled with your house? Thinking of having a change but stuck between decisions of shifting and getting a new house and renovations? This is a common problematic situation of decision making which many people face. Here are some pros and cons of both renovating the house and buying a new one. When you buy a new house, you can have a fresh start-new ideas, new area to work with, new rooms and new space and new things to plan. But it will cost you a lot in such a case.

Whereas when you renovate, it can be because you have been in the house for a long time and you’ve grown attached. You can give the house a makeover and start making new memories all over again. The costs will also be less here in this case. The disadvantage is you might have to look for a temporary house to stay while renovations are done.

Learn to design boundary walls

design boundary wallsAre you thinking of making and designing boundary walls for your home? You don’t have to spend a lot of money on workers and designers o do this. This is an easy task, which you can do yourself. You can choose from modern styles to Tuscan décor to Spanish or Victorian walls. Use stones and rustic bricks for a natural rugged look. Use industrial glue and cement and other materials for sturdy and long lasting walls. Protect it and laminate the wall if required, as it needs to face, sun, dust, rains, hails and snows.

Have a plan in mind. Considering the space, you have, the surroundings, the house and your budget decide upon the style and size f the wall. You can ask for some sideline help from a constructor in selecting all building material. Go through magazines and decorating websites, for some unique ideas.



Few building terms you must know

building termsIf you are on a plan to set up your new home then you have to have a good understanding regarding the building terms. Yes you will have your engineers, contractors and architects to look after your entire construction part but a little understanding is needed to understand the entire process.

First of all you must know that aggregate means gravel or crushed rock utilized to make the concrete. Cement means a powder blend of sand, water & aggregate hardening it into concrete. Then, you have bar chairs which is a metal or plastic device used for supporting REO in the concrete slabs.

Form refers to temporary structure which would keep the concrete in proper place while it’s poured and hardened. Damp course means a barrier which would prevent the damps from capturing the walls. Deformed bars imply a steel bar reinforced into concrete for strengthening it. Then you have extruded bricks which come with holes.

Planning for a kitchen renovation

kitchen renovation, kitchen renovation tipsPlanning to renovate a kitchen needs a lot of hard work, organizing, planning and arranging of different resources. Renovating a kitchen means a lot of hard work done. If you are unable to plan accurately then it is going to be one of the most expensive and a long project to work on. A lot of research should be done before you venture into this project. You can find a lot of assistance and information on remodeling a kitchen on the internet that can also help you in gathering lot of important information on this topic which will in turn help you in your planning process.

First you must have an idea about the space in your kitchen, the whole area. Then according to the space you can decide upon the equipments and the cabinets you want to install in your kitchen. You can go for a fresh coat of paint and also arrange for some new lightning techniques like ceiling fitted lights which will give a whole new look to your renovated kitchen.

Things to keep in mind while building custom homes

The most beneficial thing about getting your home custom build is that you will get to know all the various options you have to construct your home and decorate the interiors within the budget you have. You will not have to compromise on anything and can construct and install everything which you require in and around your home. The only hurdle which you need to cross is to find the right custom home builder.

Constructing your dream home in a customized way is something which you would wish to do once in your lifetime. You have to see to it that the money which will be invested in custom house construction gives the returns you desire for. The custom house building company plays an important role in the final creation of the house. Their inputs and ideas should be taken seriously and used while getting the custom house build by them.