Budget friendly home renovation ideas

home renovation ideas, home improvementRenovating your home can be a stressed job if not planned well. An unplanned renovation can cost you a lot more. So here are certain tips that you can use for renovating your home keeping a budget in your mind.

  • Planning is a must. This allows you to have an idea of what you need to do and how to do.
  • To complete the task in a given budget you need to understand things which are necessary and the ones that you need to do.
  • Do some of the task that you can do it yourself. This will make sure that you save a good amount of money.
  • Buying new furniture can be costly. You can reuse your old furniture after a paintjob or remodeling.
  • Searching the market for a cheaper product is a better idea than buying it from the first shop itself.

These are few ideas that will surely help you in renovating your home in a budget friendly way.

Budget Friendly Décor Tips for Living Space

living room decor, home decorYour living room is one of the most frequented zones in your home, especially when you have guests at your place. Thus, if you are planning for a home party soon, make sure to touch up the living for the perfect inviting feel for the guests. Here are some budget friendly décor tips for your living.

Great artworks look magnificent on the living room walls but if you find the original paintings too costly, go for the fake ones. The fake paintings works as wonderful wall décor without putting pressure on the wallet. Otherwise you can make a beautiful collage with family photographs on the living walls.

It’s good to invest on small colorful area rugs rather that a huge expensive oriental carpet -rugs would be perfect to cover up the scratches and other defects on your floor. Use dimmer lights for a comfy feel inside. Lastly, clean up the room well and arrange for proper racks or storage bin at the room corner so that everything stays organized and tidy.