The right lighting for your home

home lightningGetting the right lighting is an important part of the house décor and also for the purpose of carrying out daily activities. Bad lighting can lead to various problems like poor eye sight, glaring, and concentration degradation. Moreover it can also hamper the house décor completely.

Therefore it is very important to get the correct lighting for your house. And for this you should know some parameters and kinds of lamps which will give you proper lighting. The factors that you should consider are mentioned below:

  • Color Rendering- higher color rendering will give bluish white light and lower will give reddish. For your house you should use yellow lights which are warmer and pleasing.
  • Lumen- this is the power of light. Higher lumen gives a brighter light and vice versa. It is essential to have a lumen of about 50 to 60 watts
  • General Lighting- use flexible and rotatable options for this
  • Spot lighting- it is used for purposes like reading and working. It emphasizes on a particular area with focus.