Office Desk Decor

Office Desk DecorThe office desk is a place where you spend a large part of your conscious life. So when you are working on your desk, everything should be handy and the overall decoration should be up to the mark. But how to decorate your office desk can be a question. There are various ways by which you can decorate your office. Depending on the size of the cabin and the desk, the decoration may vary. Following are some useful tips to decorate the office desk:

• There should be a list of important things that are absolutely compulsory on a desk. These would include stapler, gems clip, a pen stand, a box of rubber band, a hole puncher, a pair of scissors and other such stationery stuff. These should be organized in a systematic manner on the table so that whenever any of this is required it is handy. You can also put few of them in your drawer while the aesthetic ones rest on the top of your desk.
• If you are fond of small show pieces then one or utmost two small show pieces can be added. This also depends on the size of the desk and how much space is left after keeping the above things.
• Keeping a couple of small photograph frames is also another way you can decorate the office table. It is always good to have a photo of your family and one of your belief and faith or in some cases both the photos can be of your family or friends.
• Depending on what work you do, there can be a small computer or preferably a laptop on the desk. Keeping the photographs just beside the pen stand looks more appealing.

The color of the desk also matters. Ideally the color should be light blue or dark brown but it totally depends on you. You may also add a glass slab to cover the top part of the table. A glass on top always looks good when you work.