Five Construction Tips For Keeping Your Home Cool

Construction TipsThe five construction tips to keep your home cool are given below:-

• Attic insulation- As a consequence of improper insulation a great amount of cool air can be lost. So it is important to have an adequate amount of attic insulation. It is a fine idea to have it checked regularly so as to make sure there is sufficient for it to perform a good task since.

• Attic ventilation- In spite of running HVAC system everyday you may feel hot just because of deprived attic ventilation. Though the temperature is just 80 degrees outside the air can reach up to 170 degree in a poor ventilated area. Thus suitable attic ventilation comprises of installing soffit and roof vents, gable and also attic fans. The function of attic fan is that it helps to blow out hot air of the window.

• Ceiling fans- If your room gets hot during summer you may want to install a ceiling fan as it helps to pass the cool air which come form AC throughout your room. Letting you to maintain your thermostat at elevated temperature thus resulting in more comfortable and relaxed home also helps to lower the bills. Beside these cooling benefits, a ceiling fan in a child’s room can help as an element of prevention plan against SIDS.

• Window treatment- A brawny and hot sun, as it rises and sets can make your home hot and uncomfortable. So fine quality drapes, blinds and shutters of whatever style and design selection is a window covering that is essential to keep your home cool and comfortable, and also to lower the AC bills.

• Foil radiant barrier in the attic- Clip it to the underside of the roof beam permitting an air space between the foil and roof sheathing. Put the staples around 3 inches separately. Locate the seams between the sheets of foils and shut the seams with caulk.