Advantages and Disadvantages Of Three-layer Torch Down Roofing

Torch down roofingTorch down roofing is very popular and adapted by many people worldwide. There are two systems in torch down roofing the first one is two layer and the second one is three layer torch down roofing. While comparing both of them three layer torch down roofing is considered to be more better and reliable. There are several benefits of installing three layer torch down roofing. Here are some of the popular benefits of it.

Advantages of three layer torch down roofing

  • Torch down roofing is resistant to leaks
  • It is made up of rubberized asphalt material which is melted to the roof of your home by using the torch.
  • It is flexible, strong and water resistant material. So if you are in search of this type of material then definitely go for torch down roofing material.
  • Torch down roofing provides good protection against heat.
  • You can also get a fire resistant layer on your roof by applying three layer torch down roofing.
  • Torch down roofing has a special quality of reflecting UV rays of sun and this thing helps in keeping the temperature of the home cool and in turn reducing the air conditioning bills of your home.
  • The life of three layer torch down roofing is quite long, it is approximately two decades with negligible maintenance cost.
  • Torch down roofing is away from harmful fumes. Unlike tar, torch down roofing stays away from harmful noxious fumes.

Disadvantages of three layer torch down roofing

  • The installation o0f torch down roof can be hazardous.
  • Making mistake can be easy which application of torch down roofing as the materials can be overheated accidently and can result into fire and it can spread quickly in the hot attic area of your house.
  • Torch down roofing is not scuff or tear resistant. It is easy to repair if get damaged but still scuffs and tears can decrease the look and value of the house if proper care is not taken.
  • Another problem is that flat roofs don’t have any slopes and due to this fact snow and water are collected on the roof itself and stay there for longer period of time and it can cause water damage to the roof.
  • Rain is such a thing which can coped up with efficient drainage system but snow cannot be tackled for that you need to install a roof which has a high capacity to bear the weight.
  • The application of three layer torch down roofing is difficult. As here you need to have special knowledge and experience as to how to use blow torch to apply layer on roof.
  • Improper installation can lead to ruin the whole structure of the roof.
  • Be careful that the application of the roof should not be exposed to any kind of solvent based material or adhesive and should be performed by those only who know the dangers behind using the torch.
  • This method has not remain very much popular now as various other alternatives are available without having dangers like this torch down roofing.





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