The pros and cons of marble flooring

Marble Flooring, flooringMarble flooring is one of the most preferred flooring solutions. The marble has always been regarded as the hallmark of elegance and beauty and oozes class, irrespective of your theme of décor. Whether you have a vintage décor or a trendy one- marble can be unanimous choice for any style.

Apart from sheer beauty, marble flooring is always very durable. The stone is around 2-5 times more durable than any other flooring option. No wonder, marble flooring is a top favorite for any smart interior designer. Besides, marble flooring assures a scratch free outlook. Moreover, you will get marble in a variety of designs and colors.

However, there are some cons with marble flooring. The prime most issue is that marble flooring is very expensive. Another part is that the marble floors will require proper maintenance on a regular basis as otherwise it would lose out on its natural aesthetic appeal.

Advantage of granite countertops

Are you planning to have granite countertops for your new home? That’s brilliant given that granite countertops promise of plenty of advantages. Here is short list of benefits brought by these specific rocky decorations.

To start with, the granite countertops look extremely classy and they are a perfect fit for your desired elegant interior. Then, it’s great to mention that the granite rock is available in a variety of colors as well as styles. Thus, you are assured to pick just the one you wish for from the broad range of selection.

In addition to style and beauty, the granite countertops promise of excellent durability. They are hardy as well as heat proof and resistant to metal abrasion, just the one you need for your kitchen. No wonder, when a countertop comes with so many advantages it’s sure to enhance your property value which is another benefit if you ever plan to sell off your home.