Learn how to build stairs for your shed

Are you on a plan to construct your shed stairs? Well, the materials necessary here are 2 by 4 wood, paper sheet, masking tape, two 12 ft wood for the stringers, 3 inches of nails, joist hangers, 2 inches x 6 inches of boards.

Use framing square for laying out your stairs and masking tape for marking the long edge at eleven” and short side with 7.25”. Place the lengthier part of square at the fag end of 12ft wood as well as align those tape markings facing at you and mark the portions on board using pencil.

Slide your frame to the upper mark for marking again and continue till the wood end. Get circular saw for cutting along marks and stop at corner marks. Finish the cutting using handsaw. Try stringer to ensure measurements are proper and if so use that as the guide for cutting others. If finished cutting, attach to deck with your joist hangers. Use 3 inches of nails with hammer to fix the 2” by 6” of boards in the position beginning from the bottom.