Causes and Measures of Cleaning Roof Shingles

Roof shinglesA new bought thing always looks very pretty and beautiful. With the passage of time, things get older, it gets dirty and it does not remain very attractive. It’s necessary to clean them. Yes it is very obvious that by cleaning it won’t look new but at least it would look better than it is now. The same thing applies with your roof shingles. At the time of installation they would be very attractive but then they need cleaning to look better and also to maintain its durability. Here are some of the reasons responsible for your roof shingle to get dirty along the measures and ways to clean them.

Causes for roof shingles to get dirty

  • Falling Debris   

One of the prime reasons for the roof shingles to get dirty is the falling debris. You don’t have any control over this debris. The usual debris falling from trees include branches, sticks, leafs, pine straw and acorns. Some of this debris fall gradually on the roof shingles, some of them are blown by winds and some are brought by the birds and squirrels.

  • Bad effect of debris on roof

Debris looks very bad on roof. Almost all make their home clean from inside but a dirty roof does not make a good image. Another bad effect of the debris on the roof is that it causes roof leak and in turn leads to damage the roof. Now you would wonder how some leafs, braches and sticks can damage the roof. Here is your answer. Leafs, sticks and debris can create a dam which does not allow the rainfall to leave the roof top. This causes the water to sit up on the roof for longer time and it backup underneath the shingles. This will lead to cause leaks in the roof and rotting in the roof decking which can even leak inside the house and deteriorate the home interiors, walls, sheetrock floor and much more. Thus it is very important to clean up your roof by removing debris.

Measures to clean debris from the roof

  • By hand

Debris is very light weighted, hence it’s very easy to remove it with hands only without using any of the heavy equipments. For removing debris you would require to climb the roof and then clean it. Take proper care and precautions before getting onto this roof. Carelessness can lead you to fall from the roof which can cause serious injury and can even lead to your death.

  • By blower

Blower is also one of the easy ways to remove debris, leaf, sticks from the roof. It would be best if you have air blower, use the air blower to blow off the debris from the roof. It’s very convenient for most of the people as here you don’t need to bent much and get dirty.

  • Soft broom or brush

Don’t apply too much pressure while using a broom or brush on your roof. If you apply too much pressure it can cause removal of roof granules which will deduct the life of the roof.



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