Pros And Cons Of Modular Homes

Modular homeIf you are unable to find a house of your choice then you might get tempted to build of your own according to your wish and likes. Here when you want to build your own house you are availed with two choices the one is stick built house which is the old fashioned on site build home and the another choice is modular homes which is built in a factory. Now you must be thinking how it to build a home in a factory is. Actually the parts of the home are built in a factory or any setting like that and then it is transported to the actual site and then the parts are assembled over there. Modular homes are many times compared with manufactured homes but this is totally not true. Both of them are totally different concept. If you are not aware with the concept of modular homes then here are some of the pros and cons of modular homes which will help you know the concept of modular homes and also help you decide whether to opt for it or not.


  • Energy efficient

One of the major benefit of modular home is that they are really very much energy efficient. These types of home usually keep the heat in save your home from getting extreme cold and hence by this you can save some of your energy bills also. Along with that modular homes have a tight construction and hence they can also withstand many natural disasters. Modular homes are also having high quality and they also give elegant look.

  • Fast construction

Yes modular homes are fast in matter of construction. As compared with the onsite homes, modular homes are built faster and with fewer problems. The reason being modular homes being build faster is that they are built in a factory or they are build indoors and hence the construction work is not delayed due to all natural elements hindering the construction and also there is no delay due to lack of materials or any such reason.

  • Affordable

Modular homes are much less costly as compared to that of on-site build homes. This is because here fewer workers are needed and also delay is not there and also natural elements are not hindering it. Thus here you can save money and time both and thus modular homes are profitable.


  • Land costs

When you want to build a modular home, you need to have a land and thus it becomes quite costly. If you already have as land then it is well and good but if you don’t have one you need to buy a land first and then go for constructing modular home and then install it and assemble it on the land.

  • More up-front payment

If you are buying a home which is existent then you have to pay a down payment of almost 20%. But when you are opting for a modular home then you need to make all the payment of the home before you move in the home.


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